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13 products for keeping your dog cool during summer

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While we may be looking forward to the warmer summer months, hot and humid weather can be unbearable and, in some cases, dangerous for dogs. Fortunately, there are several products out there that can help protect your pooches from the worst effects of high temperatures. From cooling fans to dog sunscreen, these 12 products available on Amazon will keep your four-legged friends cool and comfortable, even when you’re deep in the dog days of summer. 

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1. A cooling pad for your pets to lay on during the summer

Your pets will be glad to have this mat during the dog days of summer.

If your dog or cat isn’t a fan of hot weather, this cooling pet pad will be their favorite spot to chill in the summer—literally. It uses a non-toxic gel to absorb your pet’s body heat and reduce their body temperature, and our tester said her pet frequently sits on it throughout the day. The mat comes in several sizes, and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be frozen or plugged in to work.

Get The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad for $84.98

2. A doggie water bottle and bowl to bring on walks

The Pupflask is perfect for on-the-go hydration

If you’re trying to pack light, you might not want to carry both a water bottle and bowl for your dog. Luckily, this 2-in-1 water bottle has a silicone bowl attached, and you can simply flip it down, let your dog drink, then fold it back up for easy carrying. The bottle holds up to 40 ounces of water for your pup, and it even comes with a hand strap so you can keep your hands free. 

Get the PupFlask Large Dog Water Bottle for $32.96

3. A durable toy designed for playing in the water

This fun toy is a must-have for days at the beach.

Encouraging your dog to go into water is a simple way to keep it cool. Kong toys are a favorite among many pet parents, thanks to their durable design, and this particular toy is designed for playing in the water. The Kong Aqua features a rubber Kong with an attached rope, allowing you to launch it into the water for your dog to retrieve. The toy floats so your dog can easily spot it, and they’re sure to want to bring this toy along every time you go to the beach, pond, pool, or river.

Get the Kong Aqua Dog Toy for $16.65

4. A dog swimming pool

Introduce your dog to water with a non-distracting water-colored pool.

Like most of us, dogs are drawn to water when it gets hot out. Of course, if your pet has never encountered a pool, lake, river, or ocean, they might be hesitant to run right in. Thankfully, you can introduce your pup to water in your own backyard with a dog swimming pool. Unlike kiddie pools, they’re designed to withstand our four-legged friends’ paws (and claws) with durable materials.

Sold in small, medium, and large sizes, this portable dog pool doesn’t require an air pump. It’s made with scratch-resistant, durable PVC. Equipped with self-standing sides, it’s super easy to put up, break down, and store during cooler months. The brand also claims it has a slip-resistant bottom to keep your pup safe. Just keep in mind that as soon as you set this little pool out, any visiting pets might want to jump in.

Get the Jasonwell Foldable Pet Bath Pool for $49.99

5. Sunblock designed especially for dogs

Pet owners can opt for UPF gear instead of dog-friendly sunscreen.

Humans aren’t the only ones who need to slather on SPF. Dogs are also at risk for sunburn and skin cancer, and hairless breeds and dogs with light or thin coats are particularly susceptible. Before you reach for the sunblock, be aware that any regular products that contain zinc oxide and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) are toxic to animals. Fortunately, there are several sunscreen products designed especially for dogs. 

The My Dog Nose It! sun protection balm is great for areas like noses, ears, and exposed stomachs, and the brand also sells a body and coat spray. Looking for a further layer of protection from the sun? Try the Playapup shirt that blocks UVA and UVB rays. 

6. This cozy, cooling dog bed

The K&H Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed is the best dog bed we tested.

This versatile pet bed is the best one we have tested and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether your canine wants to lounge with you by your pool or needs a supportive cot for an achy back or paws, this is the pick you need. We loved the “puffy, removable, add-on bolster,” which added neck and back support for our elderly canine friends. The mesh-nylon cover is water-resistant and washing-machine friendly, so you won’t have to worry about it getting moldy or growing bacteria. The mesh also allows for air calculation, which will help your pets cool down as the days grow hotter. The best part? You can put it together without any tools. 

Get the K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot for $41.25

7. A clip-on fan for crate-trained pups

This quiet and gentle fan will provide a bit of relief for crate-trained dogs.

If your dog is crate trained, this tiny fan can add a dash of much-needed air circulation to their den. The fan easily clips to the side of the crate and offers about 10 hours of operation time before the batteries need to be replaced. 

Get the Treva 5-inch Pet Crate Fan for $16.99

8. Our favorite travel water bowl

One of our favorite things about the Dexas Popware Elevated Feeder is its collapsible legs, which means your pup doesn't have to hunch over.

Access to freshwater is the first step in heat management for dogs, and this is especially true when they’re potentially dehydrated and actively exercising. If you’re out and about with your pet pooch we recommend taking our favorite collapsible travel bowl with you. We flipped over the clever design of the Dexas , which features not just a collapsible bowl, but extendable legs. When tucked away, the super-light unit takes up just 1.5 inches of space. Fully expanded, it boasts a 12-ounce capacity bowl and a set of sturdy legs that allow it to stand about 5 inches off the ground. Not only do the legs keep the bowl from slipping and sloshing, while preventing detritus from gathering in the food or water, they let your pup sip without crouching, which helps prevent neck and back stress, and—perhaps most crucially—bloat. 

Get the Dexas Popware Single Elevated Feeder for $14.98

9. A pair of protective booties

Why should you be the only one wearing cool running shoes?

Your dog shouldn’t go “bare-pawed” on sweltering days, especially when the ground is hot to the touch. These paw-protecting boots are easy to put on thanks to Velcro straps that are also reflective, and they’ll shield your dog’s pads from high temperatures and injury-causing objects.

Get the Bark Brite Dog Boots for $32.99

10. A cooling vest for heat-sensitive dogs

Keep your dog cool with this simple vest.

This popular cooling vest is an excellent option for scorching hot days and for particularly heat-sensitive dogs. Simply soak the vest with water before wrapping it around your dog. The process of water evaporation will help to regulate your dog’s body temperature while the outer reflective material deflects the sun’s rays. 

Get the Ruffwear Lightweight Cooling Vest for $42.62

11. This incredibly popular dog brush

Maintaining your dog's coat can help to keep their temperature well regulated.

While it may not be the most high-tech option on this list, the simple act of grooming your dog can help with temperature regulation. Brushing out pets whose coat shed can help remove excess hair and insulation and can help keep them cool. This brush has over 15,000 reviews on Amazon and owners say it does a great job of removing shed hair. 

Get the Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush for $7.95

12. An on-demand water source for your pup

Give your dog easy access to water 24/7 with this water fountain.

The TrioGato dog water fountain combines playtime with hydration. It can be attached to a regular garden hose to create an on-demand water supply for your dog. You’ll need to get your dog used to the concept, but once they have figured out how to use it it would provide a constant source of water and hopefully fun. 

Get the TrioGato Outdoor Cool-Down Dog Water Fountain for $46.98

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