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In honor of 420, this month’s BarkBox theme is weed.

As of Friday, April 1 (no, not an April Fools’ joke), some Bark subscribers can receive a limited-edition collection of cannabis-themed dog toys and treats. Bark is the company behind BarkBox, Super Chewer, Bark Bright, and Bark Eats subscription boxes that deliver toys, treats, and services to over one million dogs every month.

BarkBox, the classic subscription, and Super Chewer, which sells super durable toys for the, you guessed it, strong chewers will both be selling weed-themed versions of their products for the month of April. A Bark spokesperson says the collection is filled with “original toys, including the plush B-O-N-G-O and Apple of My High and Snack-Packed Bong and Munchie the Bear for tough chewers,” as well as treats in different flavors called “Dank Noms.”

The treats do not contain any CBD or THC, so chill out, OK?

Image of full product line of BARK's 4/20-themed dog toy collection

The full lineup of BarkBox and Super Chewer products.
Credit: BARK

To score the product, you can sign up for a one-month ($35 or $45), six-month ($26 or $35), or 12-month ($23 or $30) subscription to BarkBox or Super Chewer. Seeing as the least expensive option is $23/month, you’re definitely paying a premium for the goods, but when has that ever stopped dog owners before?

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Plus, if you sign up before April 8, you first delivery could include a free 420-themed bucket hat for your dog, so your dog can really sell the stoner-look for their Instagram.

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