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South Lyndale Liquors

Owner Dan Campo’s Saint Bernard, Oakley (by our count, his third Saint Bernard shop dog), is allowed in the store despite not owning a valid Minnesota ID. When he’s not helping customers pick out a six-pack, find him riding in the sidecar of Campo’s motorcycle around town. Tangletown, Mpls., 612-827-5811,

Turbo Tim’s

Four kitties—Jose, Brandon, Stevie, and Bruce—hang out at this Nordeast auto shop. Want to make a good impression? Check out Turbo Tim’s website for bios and very important instructions on how to pet each cat. Northeast, Mpls., 612-208-8461

The Foundry Home Goods

We’ve long adored The Foundry’s resident chocolate lab, Ruby, who brightens up the shop (and its Instagram) by napping in cozy corners and, every now and then, balancing homewares on her head. Tangletown, Mpls., 612-333-8484

Urban Tails

Picking out a new pet food or toy? Resident tabbies Betty and Veronica can help. After all, who else is going to give you an honest answer on what to buy? Lowry Hill, Mpls., 612-879-0709,

Copilot Dog Outfitters

The Linden Hills dog gear shop’s French bulldog, Audrey, acts as shop model, mascot, and greeter—we have a feeling she’s paid well in treats and toys for her services. Linden Hills, Mpls., 612-353-4045,

Mother Earth Gardens

After Mother Earth’s beloved Peaches “retired” from his shop cat duties in fall 2021, the team introduced Simon and Eddie, kittens who are already getting the hang of climbing on shelves, sitting in pots, snoozing in boxes, and warming shoppers’ hearts at the south Minneapolis location. Longfellow, Mpls., 612-724-2296,

Wild Rumpus

In need of a real animal fix? Visit the Linden Hills bookstore for a chance to brush up next to two cats, two chinchillas, a dove, a cockatiel, two rats, and a tank of fish. A wild rumpus indeed! Linden Hills, Mpls., 612-920-5005,


The chicest influencers in town? Cole and Ella. Frankly, we’d let them select our whole wardrobes. North Loop, Mpls., 612-746-5329,

Tonkadale Greenhouse

Shop kitty Violet is the chief plant inspector as she spends her days wandering the greenhouse. Minnetonka, 952-938-6480,

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